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Management of the Mental Space is a key component of steadily amplifying the Athlete's Greatness in a multitude of ways; exercising the Mental Space consistently will improve the Athlete's Mental Fitness as she/he develops a solid foundation of Intentional Confidence, Consistency, and Accountability within self. 

The Athlete is the center of the program and together, we will use the Athlete's Uniqueness to amplify the Greatness that is already within. 

Mental Fitness: Athletes will be assisted with Intentional Training to Empower and condition them to gain from each experience. The athlete will learn how to use self-awareness to choose to win within the mental space. Mental Fitness is necessary to develop the ability to empower one's self through any experience, increase problem solving abilities, and decrease levels of distress. Mental Fitness is required to manifest to higher levels of consciousness and to sustain a stable mind, just as Physical Exercise is required for growth and development of the body.

Physical Activity: A physical activity component contributes to the practice of applying the Mental Fitness, by making the connection of using the mind to direct the energy of the body.

There is a consistent trend of teams with talented athletes that still struggle with cohesion and synchronization of the talents.


This Athlete Mental Fitness Training is for your athletes if any of the following sayings are familiar:

"We don't play the way they we practice"

"We get on a streak of winning, get comfortable, then start to lose"

"We choke, when it's time to make it count"

"We don't pick ourselves up after a lose"

"We don't really start playing, until we are behind"

"We don't play to win, but we play to avoid getting beat really bad"

"We are too nice"

"Everyone is doing everyone else's job and not their own job"

"We have the potential to be a Great Team"

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