The Factor that separates good athletes from Great athletes, and Great athletes from LEGENDS is Mental Fitness.

This Mental Fitness Training is for you, if the following sayings apply:

- "I want to keep winning"

- "I hate feeling like I'm not good enough"

- "I CAN do better"

- "I get scared/intimidated before BIG Games"

- "I want to feel confident no matter what opponent I have"

- "I want to believe in myself"

- "I have goals that I need to accomplish"

- "I want to experience my full potential"

Individual Training Sessions

1. 5 week Training twice each week for Confronting Fears and Routine development.


2. 10 week Training once or twice each week for Goal pursuits and Consistency of Routines.


3.15 week Training once or twice a week for Mastering Application and Balance.